Estes Tracking

estes trackingMoving freight to where it needs to be – when it needs to be there – is the backbone of small businesses and large corporations. Whether a company makes toy ovens for the play kitchens of toddlers or oversized tires for farm tractors, its clients expect timely and predictable delivery. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, just-in-time delivery is an expectation.

Estes is a national company with almost 7,000 drivers who, in 2012, moved almost 10 million dollars of cargo, while scoring an impressive 99.5 % no-claim rate. Estes tracking system is cutting-edge and reliable; they bring passion and pride to the business they know so well.

Estes provides its customers with a professional, easy-to-use, comprehensive website. Customers can conveniently use the Estes website to conduct all of their business with Estes, from arranging pick-ups and deliveries, to tracking shipments, receiving rate quotes and more – if they should choose to do so. Professional customer service agents are happy to work with prospective clients by telephone, ensuring that they receive the service they require.

The Estes website offers customers the option to sign up for an My Estes account –doing so means being able to navigate through the site with ease. My Estes account holders have access to the following functions:

  • A My Estes account brings an Estes client the ability to see, in detail, where a shipment is at any point in time.
  • My Estes account owners can conveniently schedule a pick-up online. Of course, customers can telephone Estes to schedule a pick-up as well.
  • My Estes customers receive rate quotes directly on the website; in minutes. A second option is to download Estes rating software directly to your PC. Estes provides a free rating software CD for its customers.
  • A transit time calculator lets you input your pick-up address and delivery address and immediately learn how long the delivery should take.
  • A My Estes account gives you accept to comprehensive image viewing, allowing access – at any time – to delivery receipts, bills of lading, purchase orders and more.

Experienced business owners understand that building a solid reputation in their field is an essential piece of success. A great part of earning a client’s trust is to do what you say you will when you say you will. Estes tracking has a solid track record.

Finding a shipping company that will act a partner for you in your delivery system is essential. Estes offers a long history as a family-owned business, turning long hours and a stalwart commitment into an successful enterprise employing thousands of workers who work together to provide a top-notch service.

Estes tracking is capable of showing customers everything about how and when their shipment is traveling; if Estes knows, their client knows. Moving inventory around North America means covering a lot of physical space, experience is a must. Estes encourages existing and prospective clients to take advantage of the superior shipping and tracking services they provide with pride. They can get you where you want to go.