Roadway Express

A lot of transportation companies are vying for your patronage, yet not all of them are reputable AND reliable enough as they claim to be. This justifies your should-be propensity to seek only for the best service providers who can assure time-critical deliveries, responsive tracking systems, and the safety of your cargoes from the point of loading, shipping, and finally towards the point of destination. Roadway Express promises all of that, and a lot more.

The Company’s Mission

Roadway Express has always aimed for quality service and customer satisfaction. They recognize that the only way that they will exceed your expectations or at least suffice your needs is through providing excellent shipping services. This excellence demands reliability, responsiveness, and efficiency in the industry. Be it industrial, retail, commercial or personal cargoes, and be it by land or air across North America, Roadway Express will accommodate you with its mission in mind.

How It All Began and Came to be

Roadway Express had a booming beginning. Founded in Akron, Ohio on 1930 by brothers Galen and Carroll Roush, it was born at the time when the motor carrier industry was still at its early strides. Roadway Express became a primary transportation means between manufacturers and retailers.

Roadway’s growth is paralleled to the development of interstate trucking. It was swift and unstoppable. Before long, a number of competitors emerged, but it did not impede Roadway Express in becoming a prominent provider in the United States. Back then and until now, its specialization has been unchanged, which is less than full-load shipping.

Roadway also had its share of business difficulties, which was reflected during the times it required risky borrowings for expansion, a16-year long battle for court regulation and periods of plummeting earnings. However, it did not hinder the company in any way. It took a huge step on acquiring Reimer Express in 1997. Reimer was then a dominant freight leader in Canada. The merger boosted Roadway’s capabilities by enabling it to seamlessly cross the borders between Canada and Mexico.

Soon after, in 2009, it transformed itself to becoming a member of multinational corporation YRC Worldwide Inc. through a merger with Oklahoma-based Yellow Transportation. It is now running under the banner of YRC Freight, a leading subsidiary of YRC Worldwide.

Roadway’s Complimentary Services

Aside from its typical delivery services consisting of a vast fleet of trucks, professional drivers, and a proactive customer service, there is also a roadway tracking system. Roadway reaches out to its wide clientele through real-time responding on package status information requirements. The satellite and cellular technology made online and landline tracking possible. Its YRC website has a simple and fast technique of processing tracking requests.

Roadway Express has its services subdivided into standard, expedited, guaranteed and specialized categories. Under these, time-sensitivity and cargo safety are all assured for your peace of mind. No matter what time window you need your package to be accommodated, be it within a specific hour or a certain day, Roadway assures to meet your sensible requirements through its resources and improved routes.

So if you are looking for a reputable and dependable trucking company, Roadway Express is one perfect option. Your invaluable cargo will certainly be in great hands.