Roadway Tracking

If you are looking for a reputable freight transportation company with a tracking service to boot, Roadway Express should be one of your top options. With 80 years of commendable service in the industry, it has become so prominent that a large conglomerate network of companies would find the firm’s nonexistence a corporate tragedy. Thousands of people have been lined in the satisfaction array that Roadway has been branded for decades. Get to know the company’s vibrant history and its excellent shipment tracking facility to satisfy its clientele’s delivery and pickup assurance.

A Brief Run-through of Roadway’s Evolution

You can associate the success of a business to the number of years it has spent in serving its patrons. This applies to the freight company Roadway. It was founded in Akron, Ohio in December 1930 by two ingenious brothers named Galen and Carroll Roush who decided to establish a name in the transportation industry. Since its beginnings, Roadway Express has already been financially successful and it later grew to high prominence in the United States.

In 1997, to extend its corporate territory and enhance its customer service, it acquired Reimer Express, a flourishing freight business in Canada. The merging of the two opened up Roadway’s ability to expedite and facilitate cross-border shipping between the states of Canada and Mexico. It was in March of 2009 that the two dominant figures ran under the multinational corporation YRC Worldwide under the subsidiary YRC Freight.

Roadway’s Tracking Service

Roadway, in its efforts to respond to customer’s shipment information needs, provides a relatively hassle-free tracking service. It can be done either by telephone or online through the website of YRC Freight. The highly developed tracking system tapped its two-way messaging and vehicle tracking capacity through the combination of satellite and cellular technology. Its E-tracking feature under the customer service category has proven to be quite useful due to the simplicity of processing the request and the quick response.

How to Make a Tracking Request

The tracking service is offered for free and is meant for you to know the status of your package’s shipment, whether the shipment has already been picked up, delivered, will be arriving late, or still out for delivery.

All you have to do is to enter the Progressive Rotating Order or PRO number which prompts the showing up of your package information such as pickup date and estimated delivery date. Then, you have options to choose a notification or document type that suits your needs. The document types are proof of delivery, bill of lading, or weight and inspection. It’s up to you whether to choose one or choose all. Lastly, you just fill in the required field for the email address that you want the notification or document to be sent. Afterwards, you just click submit and you just wait for the response in no more than a day. You can track 10 shipments all at once if you’d like.

Roadway Express has endeavored to be the reputable truckload hauling carrier it has become today. So if you have shipment and delivery waiting, and needs to keep track of them real-time, use our roadway tracking service below: