Swift Trucking Company

Swift Trucking Company

Imagine the world of business without trucking facilities. Picture how dismal it would be if everyone produced a lot of badly needed produce, goods, and merchandise only to be hampered by the unavailability of services to get these items to the places where they could mean the difference between life and death or success and failure. Thankfully, the world has come a long way, and no one needs to be deprived of such critical means of transporting vital cargo. Today, excellent trucking companies like Swift are more than glad to take the load off your shoulders and deliver your valuable shipments to their destined places. Here’s a quick glimpse into one of the largest trucking giants across the globe today.

The Company’s Origins

The Swifttrans trucking company can trace its roots to as far as Utah and as early as the later part of the 1950s. This is where and when Carl and Betty Moyes began to operate the B & C Truck Leasing company, which they later moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1966 after Jerry Moyes, their son, finished his studies at Weber State University. It was in Phoenix that the couple, with the assistance of their two sons, Jerry and Ronald, started operations under the name Common Market.

Swift Transportation, which is what the company is known as today, got its name from the trucking assets bought by the Moyes from a Swift Meat Packing family descendant. Initially transporting cotton and imported steel between Arizona and California, Swift Transportation’s business grew under the leadership of the Moyes as well as Randy Knight, another business partner, to become a $25-million-revenue company in the year 1984. A year later, when Carl Moyes passed away, Jerry bought out his remaining partners and became sole owner of Swift.

Jerry continued to lead the company into greater heights. By the year 1990, under Jerry’s management, Swift was already an 800-truck company with its annual revenue reaching $125 million. This impressive revenue growth, as well as the company’s huge success, could be credited to various acquisitions and the internal growth with existing clients. At present, the company has over 16,000 trucks to accommodate the demand for trucking services and earns revenues that total to more than a whopping $3.4 billion.

Services Offered by Swift

The services offered by Swift are diverse, wide-ranging, and totally suited to your transportation needs. It has temperature-controlled fleets, offers customized solutions to suit your specific requirements and budget, can accommodate heavy hauls, and provides genuine door-to-door transportation service that you’ll be hard-pressed to get from any other company. Furthermore, it can provide solutions to your time-sensitive delivery needs, has multitudes of trailers and tractors which you can rent or purchase, and basically has all you’ll ever want of a trucking facility. No matter what transportation solution/s you may be searching for, you can be assured that Swift Transportation will accomplish the job with utmost consideration for timeliness, safety, and security.

Swift Transportation has several decades of experience in the field of transportation and trucking. When it comes to getting your goods transported from one place to another, choosing Swift has still proven to be your best bet.