Swift Trucking School

Swift Trucking School

Education and training has always been a part of everyone’s life. From the time a person comes out of his mother’s womb to the time he is laid to rest forever, he undergoes formal and informal education and training in order to learn new things and acquire new skills. No one can really reach the point of self-actualization without first putting some time and effort into bettering one’s self in all areas possible. One critical area that needs to be attended to is, of course, one’s career.

If you’d like to make a career out of truck driving, then you should be equipped with what it takes to do the job marvelously without putting your life and others’ on the line. The only way to become such a safe and effective driver is to get trained to become one. When it comes to schools that can give you adequate preparation and training, few can compare to Swift Trucking School.

The Company behind the School

The company behind the doors of the Swift Trucking School is Swift Transportation. This Phoenix-based motor shipping carrier is now actually America’s largest, with an astounding 16,000 trucks bearing its name. Established in Utah in the later part of the 1950s by Carl and Betty Moyes, the company formerly known as B & C Truck Leasing was moved to Arizona where it started operating under the banner Common Market, which would later be renamed to Swift.

Carl brought his two sons, Jerry and Ronald, into the company as well. In 1966, the Moyes started operating the business by transporting cotton and imported steel between California and Arizona. They bought the Swift Meat Packing family’s trucking assets, along with the name Swift Transportation. Side by side with Randy Knight, another business partner, the Moyes led the company to great success. Throughout the years, the company saw a number of changes like going public, being bought back, and going public again, to name a few. It has weathered a lot to become what it is today – a carrier that is widely trusted and recognized.

The Training Programs

The Swift Driving Academy is the perfect institution to help you get started on your trucking career. The school offers a comprehensive training course that will cover everything you need to know to become a successful and efficient trucker. The total tuition, which is about $3,900 for 23 days, will be reimbursed over a 26-month period of being employed by Swift. Aside from payment for the 207-hour course, the tuition also covers housing, all study materials, tests, health screening, license fees and transportation to and from the school.

Solo drivers aren’t the only people welcome at Swift Trucking School. The academy also offers courses for those drivers who wish to be employed by Swift Transportation as entry level teams. Upon being hired, these drivers share the responsibility of driving a truck and get to split the team pay. A spouse training program is also available for couples who want to go trucking together. Lastly, Swift also provides an outstanding apprenticeship program for those who already graduated from driving school and those whose over-the-road driving experience is less than 3 months.

The key to being a great and safe truck driver is to get quality training for the job. This type of training is definitely easily obtained at Swift Trucking School.