It can be pretty risky to fork over your valuable shipments to a trucking facility that hasn’t proven its worth yet, or worse, has proven to be incompetent at their job. As a person who has invested countless sleepless nights and stressful days into getting your shipments ready, you definitely deserve to be partnered with a trucking facility that will not only get the job done on time, but will also handle your precious cargo with utmost care. After all, no one’s going to be happy with a shipment of damaged goods, regardless of the timeliness with which it arrived. As such, customers need to practice extra caution when choosing the company who’ll be transporting their priceless cargo; they need to go to the most trusted names in the industry. One such name is Swifttrans.

Swifttrans: From Past to Present

Swifttrans, also known as Swift Trucking Company, had a humble start as a small trucking company in Utah founded by Carl and Betty Moyes in the late 1950s. In 1966, when the couple’s son, Jerry Moyes, was done with his studies at Weber State University, they packed up the company and set their sights on operating in Phoenix, Arizona. There, the Moyes couple, along with their two sons, Jerry and Ronald, started operating under the name Common Market.

The Moyes family began to offer services to transport the imported steel from the California ports to Phoenix as well as carry cotton from Arizona in the return journey to the southern part of the California state. Around this time, the business was already operating under the name Swift Transportation, the rights to which the Moyes bought from the Swift Meat Packing family. From then on, the company continued to grow in epic proportions, earning astonishing annual revenues of $25 million by the year 1984. That was also the year that Jerry took over as the company’s CEO, chairman, and president.  A year later, his father died, and Jerry decided to buy out his brother as well as their other business partner, Randy Knight. He then became the sole owner of Swift Transportation.

In the years that followed, Swifttrans made various acquisitions and continued to foster internal growth. All these contributed to the colossal success that the company enjoyed as well as its jaw-dropping annual revenues since 1990.  Today, Swifttrans’ impressive fleet is made up of more than 16,000 trucks, and its annual revenues have reached the vast amount of $3.4 billion.

Swifttran’s Services

With over 16,000 trucks bearing its name and innumerable facilities in America and Mexico, Swifttrans is definitely the name you can rely on no matter what transportation solution you may require. The company has full ownership of the Mexico-based Trans-Mex carrier and keeps up a presence all across Canada. Being well-connected, Swifttrans can surely offer you door-to-door transportation at its best.

The company’s services are also diverse enough to cater to just about any transportation requirement that you may need. Its brilliant employees can come up with custom-designed solutions to your transportation dilemmas, and the company itself owns quite a range of equipment to get any job done. No matter what special or unique requirements you have, you can be guaranteed of timely, safe, and secure delivery of your goods to their destinations.

It’s hard to find someone to trust your cargo with, but with Swifttrans in business, you’ll never have to put your shipments at risk ever again.