YRC Freight Tracking

One of the many things that customers find irksome about having another entity handle their deliveries is that they aren’t in control. The deliveries are out of their hands, and they can’t be too sure of whether their goods will arrive at the target destination at the right time and in the best possible condition. They worry endlessly until the moment the shipment arrives. For most of these clients, the lack of control is something they would like to modify, if there is any possible way to do it. Thankfully, YRC has the answer to this dilemma.

The Company that Offers You Control

YRC, which is short for Yellow Roadway Corporation, is one of the leading transportation service providers in the industry today. When it was founded by A.J. Harrell in 1924, it was just a modest bus and taxi service company known as Yellow Cab Transit Co. Throughout the years, however, the company gained strength in the industry and eventually merged with and gobbled up entities like the Reimer Express and Roadway Express Lines to comprise the YRC banner. These last two were also establishments brimming with success in the field of trucking and transportation, and the merge proved to be a fruitful one. Finally, in 2009, a fully assimilated corporation was born out of the union of all three companies. Today, these entities make up the transportation mammoth known all over the world as YRC Freight.

Your Tracking Options with YRC Freight

The company totally recognizes that its customers need to be able to track their shipments, particularly those that will be transported over long distances as well as the short ones. Being quite sensitive to the clients’ needs, YRC makes it possible for you to keep close tabs on what’s going on with your deliveries. Do you want to know if the goods have arrived at their destination or are on their way? Do you wish to be kept informed of everything that’s happening with your supplies or items? Then YRC should definitely be your choice.

Because YRC is committed to making it easy for customers to keep track of their cargo, the company provides a number of convenient and fuss-free methods for clients to do so. One of the most effortless ways to track the progress of your shipments is to take advantage of the e-tracking option offered by YRC trucking. You only need to access the company’s website, encode the so-called PRO (Progressive Rotating Order) number into the bar that could be found on the left portion of the screen, and you’re good to go. Another great thing about this is that you get to choose from the different email notification options to receive updates on the status of your shipments. You can opt to get updates if the shipment has been delivered, if the shipment has been delayed, or just about any change in the status. Plus, e-tracking also makes it possible for you to trace the progress of multiple shipments all at the same instant.

Aside from e-tracking, YRC customers can also track their cargos through other methods such as proactive tracking and basic tracking. The former offers real-time status updates as well as cargo history updates on all your YRC active shipment. The latter, on the other hand, is a straightforward option that requires the clients who want to get information on their cargo to provide any one of these: their PO number, PRO number, booking number, or bill of lading number.

Total control, and the peace of mind that comes with it, is a priceless thing for customers who entrust their valuable goods and items in the hands of trucking companies. With the easy and trouble-free YRC tracking options, YRC is certainly a favorite among these clients.