YRC Tracking

One of the most popular multinational companies in the transportation industry, YRC Worldwide Incorporated has proven to be an indispensable service-provider with one of its leading shipping subsidiaries, YRC Freight.  Many firms and individuals across the globe will undoubtedly have their operations and package delivery demands prejudiced without the invaluable on-time shipping and cargo tracking services that Yellow Freight has offered for decades. To get to know the company and its highly developed tracking system, read further the subsequent information provided in this article.

The History of YRC Trucking

YRC Freight’s origin goes way back to the year 1924 in the city of Oklahoma when A.J. Harrell founded Yellow Cab Transit Co., which, after two years, was curtailed to the name Yellow Transit Co. Although the name of the bus and taxi service company implicates otherwise, its fleet was built with its trademark orange shade due to chemist’s conclusion about it being the safest and highly distinguishable color that roams the thoroughfare.

In 2009, because of Yellow Transit Company’s quench for growth and establishment of a more extensive service territory, it fused with two other freight giants which are Roadway and Reimer Express. At that period, Roadway was also a leading company in the United States and Reimer Express was the largest common shipper in the whole district of Canada. This trio union launched a stronger transportation provider complex under the banner of YRC Inc.

Later, on February of 2012, the name of the business was transformed to its today’s celebrated trade name, YRC Freight. It is the largest subsidiary in the portfolio of the proud parent organization, YRC Worldwide Inc. YRC Freight has been and is continuing to be a multi-awarded and prominent name in the industry of transporting industrial, commercial, and retail goods. It has a broad and comprehensive transportation network all over North America, with cross-bordering capabilities between the Canadian and Mexican boundaries.

YRC Freight’s Premium Tracking Service

Aside from its guaranteed time-sensitive delivery and dependable cargo security measures, YRC Freight has made the information technology breakthrough of combining cellular and satellite potentials to create a tracking system for your shipment checking pleasure. This highly-developed functionality lets customers receive real-time information on their packages’ delivery statuses and pickup availabilities. It brings together and transmits immediate data along its local pickups and delivery trails.  It incorporates two-way messaging and vehicle-tracking capacities.

YRC Freight tracking services can be accessed in its online website portal under its E-Tracking customer service category. What patrons need to carry out is just to choose among the tracking options such as entering their PRO Number Request, Bill of Lading Request, P.O. Request, Booking Number Request, or Load Number Request.  Aside from that, a notification or document will be required to fully have their tracking desires granted. The company’s real-time response will be passed on through an e-mail message to the address provided by the patrons upon processing the request. This is YRC’s way of providing a high level of responsiveness, which is as swift as it is effortless, to their wide clientele’s information needs and privileges.

YRC Freight has remained true and dedicated to its commitment to provide only services that will successfully exceed the expectations of patrons. Its tracking system is just one of its invaluable contributions throughout its rich history of quality service. If you decide to patronize YRC Freight, you are definitely on the right track.